Wednesday 11 November 2015

Mt Arrowsmith (Attempt)

Finished my marketing exam and I was keen to celebrate finishing the uni year with a trip to the mountains. Myself and Elisha zoomed past Mt Somers and onwards to the track start of the Cameron valley.
4.5hrs later we arrived at Cameron hut just as it was getting dark. The travel was easy but tiring. I light rain started to fall and night came however we still decided to get up at 6.00am to give Mt Arrowsmith a crack. We were here so why not. The pre bedtime passed yarning to fellow hut people whom Elisha knew funny enough. Small world.

It was lightly drizzling in the morning, however we had breakfast, put on our harnesses and snow gear and set off into the darkness. A quick prayer for our safely and we were off travelling quickly over the moraine and rocks heading up towards the South Cameron glacier. We roped together as the terrain go steeper and if there was a chance of carvasses. The landscape was very unique and different to what I had previously experienced. Much steeper and grander.

The weather packed in completely as we reached the bottom of South Cameron glacier so decided to turn back. Walk back to hut and out to car. Sweet place to explore. Will definately be back!!

Tramps: Elisha Nuttall, Caroline Bellamy.
Date: Nov 11, 2015

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