Tuesday 7 March 2017

Progress for Parnell Gallery exhibition May 2017. The relationship of colour in the painting is becoming a main focus. I am developing the complexity of colour. Naturalistic, with a strong sense of light. Different colour relationships, even exaggerating parts of nature that is depicted. Simplified forms create no barrier for the viewer to interrupt clear colours - primary focus.
Being careful with the strong gold colours. Allowing the blues and greens to come through and dominate. Harmonious. However have unequal amounts of opposite colour to complement, contrast and balance.
Having more grey scale paintings in terms of tone. Having less contrast so the focus is predominanlty the subtle soft colours. This creates a very soft and sensitive colour palette contrasting the bold energetic brush marks.

Currently completing a series of three 1200x800 valley scenes. All three images display aerial perspective creating a strong sense of depth. Layering and change of brush size also contributes to this.
Brush work. Brush marks are so important. The way they describe the form and characteristics of the object/material/organic matter. The plains of paint that create form and reflect light. Continuous brush work that does not facet and break up the form. Want to create solid masses and evoke the gravity present.

Artists presently looking at. John Singer Sargent, Stanley Palmer.

Have all paintings finished by the end of March and allow April to finish edges+pack and do paintings for other galleries.

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