Sunday 2 April 2017

Hearing the rain on the roof brings me back to the times where I am in dense wilderness, far away from civilisation, surrounded by some incredible people. The feeling of being protected completely from the rain by a thin fly, tent, biv, hut, and surrounded by people I love brings me great comfort, contentment and happiness.

In New Zealand we are surrounded by some of the most amazing landscape in the world. From crystal clear rivers, up to the mountain tops and everything in between.

When we spent time in nature we slow down and appreciate the most simple things in life. The first sun rays hitting your skin at the beginning of a new day, the feeling of native flora brushing against you, the bittersweet taste of fresh snow berries, the refreshing breeze, the icy invigorating water, the crackling and warming fire. All of our senses are engaged, fully experiencing what is present.

I love the deep insightful conversation and connections build while spending time with people in nature. When there is no distractions of technology and the demands of life are put aside. The consumerism and culture telling us what to look like, act like, a powerful influence is not present.

A time to gain perspective, to breathe and fully, yes, fully live in the moment.

Hearing the rain on the roof always brings me back to this and I love it.

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